Recent Calls
Tue. Feb 20th 2018
Station 3 was dispatched to a two vehicle wreck that was originally reported as car vs pedestrian. Upon arrival Asst. Cheif Austin advised of a two vehicle MVC with at least one patient ejected and o...
Tue. Jan 9th 2018
Station 3 was dispatched to an extensive brush fire along I-485. Also providing mutual aid to Mint Hill Fire were Matthews, Idlewild, Robinson, Charlotte, Unionville, Wesley Chapel, and NC Forestry. ...
Tue. Jan 9th 2018
Station 3 was dispatched for a single vehicle wreck with at least one reported patient. Driver had lost control on an icy bridge off Hopewell Church Rd. and ended up in the woods. One patient injure...
Sat. Jan 6th 2018
Station 3 was dispatched on Saturday morning for a 10-50 PI involving two vehicles at the corner of 218 and Sikes Mill. Station 3 personnel provided patient care and secured the vehicles. Two patien...
Thu. Jan 4th 2018
Station 3 and Rescue 23 were dispatched to a pin-in wreck that turned out to be one patient entrapped in a vehicle on it's side. The vehicle was stabilized and the patient was freed and evaluated...
1st. Resp. Of The Year

2016 - Brian Austin

2015 - Robert Holloway

2014 - Patti Freeman

2013 - Andy Williams

2012 - Glenn Mauney

2011 - Amanda Whitley

2010 - Patti Freeman

2009 - Chris Jones

2008 - Patti Freeman

2007- Angela Helms

2006 - Alex Adkins

2005 - Patti Freeman

2004 - Gay Flowe

2003 - Chris Jones

2002 - Derek Simpson

2001 - Jon Williams

2000 - Eric Robertson

1999 - Linda Coats

1998 - Patti Freeman

1997- Brian Austin

1996 - Patti Freeman